About Sonoma Strength Academy

Sonoma Strength Academy is the home of CrossFit Proprius. We will guide you in conscious awareness of your body’s unique capability for absolute strength and conditioning. Our system focuses on balance, agility, and coordination with an emphasis on applying efficient movement patterns with sound technique to your personal strength gain.

Our facility is a 5,000 square foot performance center referred to affectionately as “the buff factory.” The center serves as a playground for the testing and application of scientific and also experimental principles all in efforts to optimize sport and life performance. We offers private, semi-private, and group training services for individuals and teams.

We combined the old school vibe of the college weight room with new school methodology and technology. Through this we are able to successfully train every type of body, from MMA fighters, dancers and athletes, to office workers, stay at home parents, firefighters and law enforcement. At SSA being present and exploring what is meaningful in each movement is what makes that moment powerful, vital and worth being in.

This means that we are dedicated to guiding you to find meaning behind your actions and creating appropriate structure around attaining the strength your body deserves.

To achieve these strength and power goals our training systems include; CrossFit, SFG, Training for Warriors, Original Strength, Movement Culture, biomechanical assessments, and strength/conditioning programs. Using all of these methods of training, we are able to personalize what you receive to what your body actually needs to grow. We hope through our training methods, our commitment and our dedication you will change the way you live and see yourself. We really do believe that our methods of encouraging, motivating, and strengthening/conditioning will help you achieve this feat.

No matter what service you choose to partake in, you can trust that our trainers are all certified in the techniques they are teaching and they care about you as more than just a client. Our training is based on our education, experience, and willingness to provide wholesome practice. Our combined expertise of quality trainers gives us a deep understanding and in turn application of principles in strength training, weight loss, weight gain, endurance training, power training, and specialized training for various sports. We are dedicated to helping you make a change in your life, and that doesn’t disappear the moment you step out of our facility. Sonoma Strength Academy is here to help you, 24/7, 365 day a year, as a partner in transforming your life.

Sonoma Strength Academy is a real tribe – our warriors know each other’s names, root for each other during workouts and often socialize together outside of the gym. We get tremendous satisfaction from watching our clients achieve their goals. Why not let that next client be you? Find out what it feels like to workout at a facility with people that take care of you and in an atmosphere that inspires you.

Reconditioning the conditioned.